Restoration Centre for the Nations

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The Congregation
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The Narh Family

Apostle Narh Standing by A Water-Treating Pool In Worcester, MA, USA

Construction beginning on a new chapel in Kpong

First day of "Yesutors" glorious deliverance.

Sitting in front of a village school at Afiadenyigba Junction, Ghana
for a continuous deliverance prayer session by
Apostle Narh's Apostolic Deliverance Team (absent in photo)

This is "Yesutor" (Jesus; own) aka "Ketator" (Hails from Keta Town);
Mary Ami Nordor, 60,  before her glorious deliverance-
found by 3:00am making her bed right in the middle of a (Hedzranu)
busy, Accra-Aflao Street as a wild and roving maniac.

Yesutor and Apostle Bernie Narh, in a very ecstatic and lively
pose for the camera after Yesutor's glorious deliverance just
before being presented to her direct junior sister in Hedzranu,
Denu, in the Volta region of Ghana from where Yesutor actually
"hails" as she revealed to the team soon after her freedom.

Post deliverance -- Apostle Narh handing over Yesutor to her junior sister

Before the Mob Attack

This is the village primary school (scenery) where Apostle Narh
was violently assaulted by a mob led by the  village fetish priest.
Narh's sin was praying for a mad person without the priest's
authorization and for being a vampire

Led by the village fetish priest, the object and weapon-wielding
wild mob attacked the apostolic deliverance team leader (in the
brief absence of the other team members) for being a "stranger",
false pastor, vampire, etc and for carrying out exorcism without
authorization from him, the village fetish.


After the Mob Attack

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