Restoration Centre for the Nations

Apostle Bernard Narh lives in
Akosombo, Ghana, West Africa

Reverend Narh’s life is very different from life in the U.S.A. He and his family live in a village of approximately 2,000 people. They do not have the material wealth that we are blessed with here where it is common for every household to have a phone and a vehicle to drive. In Ghana, those things are considered a luxury.

However, Praise be to God, His Word is alive and being spread throughout West Africa by dedicated servants such as Reverend Narh. The Christians in Ghana believe in the supernatural power of Jesus and rely on that power to help them in their everyday lives.

Reverend Narh has a special anointing from God to share the Word in Ghana and to be a powerful witness for Jesus. When you meet him you can’t help but be extremely touched and impressed by his deep faith. In July of 1999 he attended the 13th annual International Worship Institute in Dallas, Texas. He left Ghana for the states with nothing except his faith that the Lord would provide. His testimony of how he was able to get to the U.S.A. is a tribute to the faithfulness and purpose of God in his life.

Because of the injuries he received, Reverend Narh was unable to attend the Prophetic Conference in South Africa, but still had an invitation to attend Christ for the Nations Institute. He took the invitation for CGNI, and the accident report to Ghana Airways. Because of his powerful testimony, he was given a round trip ticket to respond to the CFNI offer, but was unable to meet the conditions in time. When the ticket was about to expire, he received a scholarship t attend the International Worship Institute in Dallas, TX where he was licensed and ordained as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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